Thursday, September 11, 2014


The 'anaconda' is referred to as the mans penis, and the lines 'don't want none unless you got buns hon' is suggesting that guys don't want flat asses, they only like big.

It then says 'fuck them skinny bitches in the club.' I'm not sure what she's trying to say here, but to me she's telling girls to be confident even if they're packing a little meat. I mean, to you it probably doesn't sound like it but y'know... Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

5 Things Nicki Minaj Teaches Us in Anaconda:

1. have intercourse with the skinny female dogs (fuck the skinny bitches)
2. dont have intercourse with anyone who doesnt do drugs (I let him hit it cus he slang cocaine)
3. look at her butt
4. troy from detroit is a drug dealer whom is getting paid (boy toy named troy used to live in detroit, big dope dealer money he was getting some coins)
4. Michael makes good salad (he toss my salad like his name romaine)
5. mens penis' do not want to do anything unless you have some large buttocks (my anaconda dont want none unless you got buns hun)

Miss Minaj has again shown her lyrical geniosity; the opening lines is about feeding bread items to a serpent. Clearly, she is a vegan and the lines have shown that she is a supporter of conversion of animals into vegan-nity. Although her methods are questionable...
The lines 'Boy toy named troy' clearly pays a homage to Shakespeare, with reverse alliteration on the words used. With only four syllables, it is a big wonder on how she managed to fit all these rhyming words, highlighting her musical zenith.

Now, Ms. Minaj also highlights the social issues pressing against us in the subtle lines 'Now thats r-r-real, gun in my purse, bitch I came for us to kill'. Her social advocacy against guns is a truly appreciable act.

Miss Minaj also displays act of violence (And I'm hitting it with his girls) and I highly advise against this act of battery and ASSault.

Miss Minaj seems to promote beastality with the lines 'Fornicate with the anorexic female canines'. I recommend a muzzle on the canine before attempting this.

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